A mini course of three English lessons
on Zoom


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We can put an end to your fear of not speaking English properly!

Join this English Speaking mini-course on Zoom and practise your English Speaking and Listening skills,

learn new vocabulary and brush up on your grammar!



~ Lessons are run on Zoom

~ A mini-course of three one-to-one English lessons (25 min each) with a native British teacher

~ Contact us with your preferred dates and times for the lessons

~ Each student will receive a copy of the English Grammar e-book for self-study (worth USD 35.00)

~ This course is run by one of our qualified native British teachers experienced in teaching students of all levels

~ Learn new vocabulary and advanced grammar, and get lots of speaking practice

~ This course is suitable for Intermediate level and above

~ Fees are non-refundable

~ Lesson materials are shared before each class

~ Grammar homework is provided after each class

~ Zoom link is provided within 24 working hours of the payment

~ Join the class few minutes before its starting time and wait for your teacher to start the lesson

~ If you’ve never used Zoom before, watch a quick tutorial

~ Have questions? Get in touch, we’re always happy to help!




Choose any three lesson topics from the following:


Lesson 1. Expenisive Taste

In this lesson, students read a short article on how the price of food influences its taste according to a scientific study. The worksheet also presents verbs and expressions for giving and reporting opinions. The lesson rounds off with a discussion activity in which students share their opinions on various topics.

Lesson 2. Truth and Lies

In this lesson, students learn vocabulary for telling the truth and lying. Learners practise words for different types of dishonest people, adjectives to describe them and commonly used idioms. There are also speaking activities for discussing the topic.

Lesson 3. Thirsty Work

In this lesson, students read an article on the benefits and drawbacks of the coffee shop as a place for work and business. In the grammar section of the worksheet, students practise using the present perfect for describing recent changes, changes over time and situations that have continued until the present. At the end of the lesson, the class shares their own opinions about working in cafes.

Lesson 4. Facebook’s Apps Go Offline

This lesson is based on a news report about the Facebook outage in October 2021 and an article about the criticism of Facebook in the US Senate by a former employee, Frances Haugen. Exercises help students to focus on related vocabulary, listening comprehension and reading skills and comprehension exercises.

Lesson 5. Burnout

The topic of this lesson is occupational burnout. Students read an article about a French proposal allowing employees the right not to send emails out of hours.

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