Online lessons “Telephone English” with a qualified British teacher

A client’s first contact with a company often takes place over the phone. For businesses working in, or breaking into the international marketplace, it’s essential that every phone call goes smoothly and that clients feel they are in competent hands. This not only requires strong English language abilities, but the key communication skills for talking on the phone as well. Our Online lessons Telephone English with a qualified British teacher addresses your daily challenges, from taking and transferring calls to negotiating the terms of a deal, and helps you gain the confidence you need to do business naturally and successfully.


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Online lessons “Telephone English”: outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

– Conduct and sequence a conversation on the phone
– Develop strategies for communicating on the phone in English
– Use typical phrases and expressions in order to speak on the phone successfully and with confidence


Online lessons “Telephone English”: sample syllabus

– Telephoning basics: identifying yourself, getting through. Making excuses, Dealing with communication problems. Language: Using first names, Giving bad news
– Exchanging and checking information, Spelling over the phone, Saying email addresses. Language: How to be less direct, Active listening strategies
– Voicemail greetings, Leaving and taking messages, Prepositions. Language: How to structure a message, Referring to previous, communication (reported speech)
– Making and confirming arrangements, Saying times and dates, More prepositions, Mobile phone calls. Language: Small talk, Changing an arrangement (politeness strategies)
– Making and dealing with complaints, A technical support hotline, Tips for telephone customer care. Language: Strategies for complaining, apologising, and solving problems
– Making and reacting to proposals, Reaching agreements. Language: Talking about possibilities, Turn taking