Online lessons for Trinity GESE exam preparation with a British teacher / exam expert

In your online lessons for Trinity GESE exam preparation, you will learn about how the exam works, what the examiners will be looking for and you will get plenty of practice using the types of questions you will see in the exam. Be assured that after your course you can tackle the exam with complete confidence! It’s not an empty promise – all our online British teachers are CELTA qualified and very experienced, and most of them are Cambridge examiners.


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Online lessons for Trinity GESE exam preparation: course outcomes

GESE exams are designed to complement general English language courses and take the form of an unscripted conversation with a Trinity examiner, which covers a range of topics and tasks. They are open to anyone aged 5 or older.

By the end of the course you will have:

– An understanding of exam task types and techniques
– A better knowledge and use of grammar
– Developed and consolidated Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening skills
– Practise through example exam tasks and teacher’s feedback


Online lessons for Trinity GESE exam preparation: sample syllabus

Language functions

Expressing and requesting opinions and impressions
Expressing intention and purpose
Expressing obligation and necessity
Expressing certainty and uncertainty
Describing past actions over a period of time


Zero and first conditionals, using if and when
Present Continuous tense for future use
Past Continuous tense
Infinitive of purpose


Vocabulary specific to the topic area
Vocabulary specific to the subject areas
Further expressions relating to future time
Common phrasal verbs
Phrases and expressions relating to the language functions listed above


The correct pronunciation of vocabulary specific to the topic and subject areas Sentence stress to clarify meaning
Basic intonation and features of connected speech at sentence level
Intonation patterns of more complex question forms
Avoidance of speech patterns of recitation

Trinity GESE topics:

Rules and regulations
Health and fitness
Learning a foreign language