Online lessons “English for Customer Care”

Do you work for an international organisation in the Sales or Customer Service department, or speak to clients on the phone from a Help Desk or a Call Centre? If the answer is Yes, you will need to have good English language skills and know specific techniques in order to communicate successfully. Our online “English for Customer Care” course is designed by our online English teachers and will not only provide you with the industry relevant vocabulary, but will also cover strategies related to the effective use of English in a general business context. In this course, you will receive an overview of best practices as well as real-life examples of Customer Service communication through various channels including phone, email, live chat and social media.


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Online lessons “English for Customer Care”: course outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

– Understand terms related to skills and qualities for good Customer Service
– Feel confident in using basic socialising language and making small talk with clients
– Use appropriate language on the phone when dealing with customers and making arrangements
– Write effective letters and emails to customers using formal and informal styles
– Use appropriate language and strategies when dealing with complaints


Online lessons “c”: course sample syllabus

Introduction to customer care:
– Customer care success
– Customer care businesses and jobs
– Surprising facts about customer care
– Skills and qualities for good customer care
– Making suggestions

Face to face with customers:
– Body language
– A company visit
– Meeting do’s and don’ts
– At a trade fair
– The invisible customer
– Basic socialising language
– The importance of small talk
– Follow-up
– Steps for winning customers in your presentations

English for Customer Service – Dealing with customers on the phone:
– General telephoning
– The ‘customer care’ phone call
– What the customers really hear
– Being courteous on the phone
– Making sure you understand
– Making arrangements

Call centre success:
– Taking an order
– Hotline (Troubleshooting)
– Customer-centred call centres
– The first impression
– Clarifying and explaining
– Checking comprehension

English for Customer Service – Delivering customer care through writing:
– Effective letters and emails
– Formal and informal writing styles
– The five Cs of customer care writing
– A case study
– Salutations and closes
– Standard phrases for handling customers
– Enclosures and attachments

Dealing with problems and complaints:
– Complaint strategies and policies
– The letter of apology
– Explaining company policy
– Some opinions about complaints and apologies