Online lessons Business English Writing Skills with a qualified British teacher

The ability to write clearly, confidently and consistently is a fundamental skill in any workplace. Good quality writing, whether in reports, presentations, marketing materials or online is essential to convey messages clearly and reflects on the organisation and the writer. Our online lessons Business English Writing Skills with a qualified British teacher will help you improve and develop your accuracy and effectiveness when writing documents in English. This course will enable business professionals to enhance their corporate document writing skills across a range of business functions. You will learn various styles of writing and how to tailor your writing for different audiences, improving your skills and confidence. This is a practical course where using a stimulating interactive approach, you will look closely at the different types of modern-day business correspondence.


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Online lessons Business English Writing Skills: outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

– Write business emails
– Write an executive summary
– Adapt content to purpose, context and audience
– Use appropriate style and tone of writing for business purposes
– Write clear concise reports and proposals
– Be able to give presentations using effective bullet points and headlining
– Know how to be ‘punchy’ and persuasive with language


Business English Writing Skills course sample syllabus

– Formal and informal emails. Writing and replying to enquiries
– Requesting action. Talking about deadlines. Common verb-noun phrases
– Exchanging information: informing and replying. Colloquial phrases and contractions
– Making and confirming arrangements. Prepositions of time. Apologising
– Polite and diplomatic English