General Business online English lessons
with qualified British teachers 

In your General Business online English lessons you will learn the practical terminology that you need to have conversations about current business issues, and also the communication skills required for important workplace situations such as presentations, discussions, meetings, negotiations, job interviews, telephone calls and socialising. Your online British teacher will also cover the Business English Writing skills (can also be taken separately, or combined with English for emails) so you learn how to express your thoughts more clearly in emails, reports and proposals.


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General Business online English lessons: outcomes

By the end of the course you will be able to:

– Participate in discussions, business meetings and negotiations
– Give powerful presentations in English
– Write reports, emails and proposals with clarity and in the correct tone
– Enhance your business-related vocabulary


General Business online English lessons: sample syllabus

– Social Interactions. Making Small Talk
– Networking. How to start a conversation. Talking about your company. Following up a new contact via email
– Teamwork. Describing the roles of team members. Dealing with conflict
– Telephoning: problem solving on the phone and complaints
– Meetings: negotiating, compromising and reaching a decision
– Emailing: formal and informal emails. Exchanging information. Colloquial phrases and contractions. Making and confirming arrangements

General Business online English lessons: Business letters, Formal and Informal style
– Polite and diplomatic English
– Presentations. Structural language. Persuasive language
– Discussing options and reaching decisions
– Different leadership styles. Expressing personal views effectively
– Negotiations. How to set up and prioritise objectives
– How to draw up and make a proposal
– How to handle conflicts. Problem solving. Talk about career paths and choices