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Online English lessons for children
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If you’re looking to give your child the best start in life,
we’re here to help you make it possible. Learning English online will open up
a new world to them, a world of amazing opportunities.

Our online English lessons for Kids are fun and chatty and can be based on your child’s hobbies and passions to give them a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. We use fun activities, interesting articles and lots of pictures or even favourite songs to captivate and involve our young learners. Our qualified native English teachers specialise in teaching children from the age of 3 y.o., and they know how to keep a child interested and motivate them to talk in English as much as possible, learning new words, fun expressions, and practising grammar structures along the way.

We can also base the lessons around your child’s school curriculum to help them practise if they’ve been having problems such as a particular grammar structure, or prepare them for one of the English tests and exams. We can concentrate on conversation and comprehension, and help them get ahead in all aspects of all English skills – Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading.


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We really put an emphasis on giving help and support to all our students, from young children to teenagers, throughout their course and also have no problem if you wish to be nearby during the lessons, just in case your child needs a little help sometimes (who knows, you may even find some of the activities fun too!) If your child prefers to have the lessons alone without anyone else around, we can keep you updated with our regular Progress Reports.

Online English lessons for teenagers

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Online English lessons for young children

online English lessons for kids

Online English lessons for very young children

online English lessons for children with a British teacher

Our online English lessons for children will really help improve your child’s English as all classes are conducted only in English including all explanations and instructions and no matter what level or age your child is, we have the experience to communicate with them and help them to understand immediately so they learn faster and their progress can be seen after the first few lessons.

Book a FREE Demo lesson and see it for yourself – we can certainly deliver fun and enjoyable lessons to keep children motivated and, above all, interested in improving their English communication skills.

The best part? Our online English lessons for kids come with regular Progress Reports and Evaluation Tests which means you’ll always know how your child is getting on!