Online lessons “English for the Automobile Industry” with a qualified British teacher

Our online lessons “English for the Automobile Industry” will provide you with the language skills that are essential for successful communication in the industry. It’s suitable for those who work for a car manufacturer, a supplier, a car dealership, or for a marketing agency involved with the automobile industry. You will practise new vocabulary using specific texts and role-plays, and learn important terms from the international automobile business including types of cars, building styles, technical language, services, security and design. Your online English teacher will cover various topics and skills including purchasing and sales, administration, design and production.

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Online lessons “English for the Automobile Industry”: course outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

– Discuss types of cars and the car sales industry
– Describe the interior and exterior of a car
– Use vocabulary and language associated with performance and technical specifications
– Use the correct grammar and vocabulary to describe the process of designing a car
– Discuss environmental awareness and future trends in the industry


Online lessons “English for the Automobile Industry”: sample syllabus

– Introduction to the car
– Factors involved in buying a car
– Types of car
– Car sales
– Opinions and agreeing or disagreeing
– Recommending
– Adverbs of frequency

The exterior:
– Exterior car parts
Car production:
– A quality problem
– The passive, Describing a process
– Telephone phrases

The interior:
– Interior car parts
– The instrument panel
– A delivery problem
– A car configurator
– Making, accepting and rejecting suggestions
– E-mail phrases

Under the bonnet:
– The engine
– A technical support hotline
– An international car show.
– Describing position and shape
– Trade fair phrases

Performance and technical specifications:
– Launching a new model
– A road test
– Materials and their properties
– A meeting role play
– Making comparisons,
– Approximating
– Talking about dimensions

– A magazine article,
– Active and passive safety features
– Choosing safety features
– Car recalls
– Talking about advantages and disadvantages
– Making a presentation
– Meeting phrases

– Describing car design
– The design process
– Constraints
– Expanding the product range.
– Making small talk

Future trends:
– The car of the future
– Environmental awareness
– Making a presentation
– Fuel cells
– Talking about the future – certainty, probability, possibility