English Pronunciation and Accent Reduction online lessons

In this live online English Pronunciation course with one of our native English teachers, you will work on improving the sounds of English through useful and practical topics. You will also further develop your Speaking skills and the pronunciation you need to become more fluent in conversational English. Alongside learning basic pronunciation rules and practising these in your lessons, you will also increase your confidence in discussing general conversation topics.

The aims of the course are to give you structured feedback on your pronunciation, so that you have a tailor-made plan for continuing practice after the course, and also outline the contemporary English sound system (consonants, vowels, stress and intonation).

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English Pronunciation and Accent Reduction course outcomes

By the end of the course you will be able to:

– Understand basic principles of pronunciation
– Self-correct common pronunciation mistakes
– Acquire a neutral, easy to understand accent
– Understand a wide range of differing spoken accents


English Pronunciation and Accent Reduction course sample syllabus

– Introducing syllables
– Introducing word and sentence stress
– Consonants at the start or at the end of syllables
– Joining words
– Pronouncing final consonant sounds
– Pronouncing Past Tense Verbs
– Pronouncing Plurals, Third-Person Verbs
– Possessives and contractions
–  Introducing Stress, Rhythm, and Intonation
–  Stress within the word. Stress within the sentence. Rhythm and Intonation


– English Consonant System:

26 consonant sounds and phonemes:

[s]as in sit, basket, and kiss and [z] as in zoo busy and buzz

[t] as in top, return, and cat

[d] as in day ladder and bed

[θ] as in think, bathtub, and mouth

[ð} as in the, father, and smooth

[ʃ] as in shoe, nation and wish and [tʃ] as in chair teacher and witch

[3] as in measure, and vision

[dʒ] as in jam, magic, age, and [j]as in you and yes

[p] as in pay, apple and stop

[b] as in boy, rabbit and tub

[f] as in fun, office and if

[v] as in very, over, and save

[h] as in heart and behind

[w] as in we, and away

[l] as in lamp, yellow, and pool

[r] as in, red, marry, and far

[k] as in cake, car, and book

[g] as in go begin and egg

[m] as in me, and swim

[n] as in no and run

[u]as in sing


– English Vowel System:

[i] as in me, tea, and bee and [I] as in, it and pin

[ɪə] as near, here and weary

[e] as in egg, pet, and head

[æ] as trap. bad

[a]as in arm and father

[u] as in you, too, and rule and[ʊ]as in cook and put

[ʌ]as in up, but, and come

[əʊ] as in boat and caught