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Online Business English training with British teachers:
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Improve in-house communication, efficiency and productivity
Increase staff confidence and maximise professional skills
Enhance staff-client relationships and business opportunities
Reduce language-related misunderstandings in the workplace

  • Tailor-made Teaching Plans for all one-to-one learners and groups
  • Writing assignments
  • Measurable Progress Reports for employers
  • Placement English tests and evaluation tests
  • Course Completion Certificates in line with CEFR
  • Continuing Professional Development Standards office CPD certificates

Language and cultural barriers are an increasing challenge for companies as they expand operations globally, hire talent from overseas and form professional relationships with international business partners. Our CELTA qualified online English teachers help business owners and managers acquire the English language skills essential to succeed in the global marketplace. We achieve that through tailor-made live online English language training courses that are built around specific business and personnel needs, and designed to engage and motivate your staff to improve quickly.   Online native English teachers   Have questions? Ask away! Contact our teacher Natalie here >>

We can help your company analyse the English language skills needed by your staff, and offer a wide range of English language courses from basic conversational skills, to specific job-related language training at all levels through to Business Executive English language coaching. After a consultation session, we review and discuss the best training programme for your company’s specific needs. Our tailored and comprehensive English training can be provided to individuals or groups with quality courses leading to outstanding results.


Unlike other corporate language trainers, we use a unique client-centred approach which maximises learning and enables your staff to train flexibly as individuals or in groups. This not only ensures that training fits seamlessly into work patterns and time management but also maintains motivation and ensures high completion rates. It is also ideal for multi-site companies as your employees can log in to their English classes from their own computers and do not have to be in one place for their classes.

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What we can offer to your organisation: – Tailor-made online English language training with highly experienced CELTA qualified native British teachers – Flexible access to lessons: for group classes, learners can log in individually from their own computers, or have lessons all together as a group from one computer. All online lessons can be accessed from any PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone – Flexible timing including evenings and weekends  

 We can help you and your staff to

– activate vocabulary and knowledge of grammatical structures
– improve English in skill areas, such as meetings and presentations
– consolidate your knowledge through integrated personal Homework correction
– learn to persuade and influence others
improve social English in business situations

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